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2016.07.18 blank blank I have updated my schedule page.
2016.02.08 I will will be performing at YouTube live broadcast 「Shinjiro Yamato& Piano Nakamura musica da Leda」 on 2 Feb,2016 Tue. START 22:00
2015.11.24 The ticket of my solo piano on Jan.26th 2016 can be reserved from my contact page.
2015.10.20 I have updated my schedule page.
2015.06.20 I have updated my listen page. You can see collaboration movie with Play By Ear Music School(Singapore).
PBE Japan Web page about Doi Akane
2015.04.12 I have updated my discography page.
2015.02.25 I have updated my schedule page.
2015.01.01 I have redesigned the website.
2014.11.11 Wrote songs for the first performance by theatrical group "Bokuyoken", "Kunitomike no Sanshimai (3sisters of Kunitomi Family), that performed at Green Theater BASE THEATER from Nov. 11 to 16.
2014.10.04 I am going to appear as a guest on a radio show "Tsuchiya RYU'S BAR " on FM YAMATO(77.7MHz). You can listen on Small Cast Radio NETWORKS.
2014.07.21 Started distributing my songs on iTunes. Click here for more information.
A third mini record "Doi Akane Improvisation vol.1" was released online.
2014.07.20 Wrote songs for the eighth performance by theatrical group "Rekishi-Shintairiku(New Standard of History)", "Shinsengumi Aika -Biidro Agehacho- (Requiem for Shinsengumi -swallowtails of glass-), that performed at ZA-KOENJI from Jul. 18 to 21.
"Biidro Agehacho", my first song for a play, was released online.